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Navigating construction contracts

During any construction project there is always the chance you will encounter a serious construction dispute that could have been minimized or prevented in the drafting of the construction contracts. The problems you encounter during construction can often be anticipated or avoided if you work with an attorney to help you negotiate a fair contract…
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Commercial leases and sales agreements

Thorough and well-drafted commercial leases or buy-sell agreements are essential to protecting the interests of the parties involved and preventing against future disputes. When assessing commercial properties, we provide clients with a comprehensive analysis that also takes into consideration taxation and business law issues.  If our clients run into zoning or land use problems, we help them draft beneficial temporary…
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Commercial landlord tenant agreements

Effective landlord tenant agreements can maintain peaceable landlord-tenant relationships. Arizona landlord tenant disputes involve complex state property laws. Wrongly interpreting these laws can lead to large, court-imposed fines if you're a landlord. Prior to entering into residential or commercial landlord tenant agreements, landlords should seek legal advice to ensure compliance with applicable state and municipal codes,…
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