Navigating construction contracts

During any construction project there is always the chance you will encounter a serious construction dispute that could have been minimized or prevented in the drafting of the construction contracts.

The problems you encounter during construction can often be anticipated or avoided if you work with an attorney to help you negotiate a fair contract before any work commences.

Many disputes arise because the terms and conditions are not clear or the parties did not anticipate a particular event. Getting sound legal advice during contract negotiations can be an invaluable tool. An attorney will protect your interests, help clear up misunderstandings during the negotiation process, and identify areas where you have exposure to risk.

Robert Solliday assists small businesses and developers when they seek to develop, improve, or change the disposition of existing property.  With considerable expertise in business law and extensive knowledge of the commercial real estate industry, Robert has the knowledge to protect his clients as they enter into various construction contracts.  When drafting and reviewing construction agreements, his focus is on limiting his clients' risk of exposure to litigation. When disputes do arise, Robert is able to evaluate your construction defect claims and represent your best interests.

Robert's experience includes helping developers looking to transform large lots into single family homes as well as selling large lots to homebuilders.  His portfolio includes handling individual contracts for purchases and sales, as well as contracts regarding improvements to property, such as horizontal grading and infrastructure installment.

With a background in taxation Robert has the distinctive skills to analyze the unique tax consequences of each project.

Contact Solliday Law or call 602 559 4800 to discuss your commercial project and construction contracts.

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