Private Client Services

Residential Purchase, Sales, Leases and Construction

Robert Solliday represents private clients in connection with the acquisition, construction, financing, leasing and sale of private residences and vacation properties, including single family homes and condominiums.

Residential real estate services
  • Contract review and preparation
  • Lease and sale agreements
  • Representation during construction

Estate and Tax Planning

Robert Solliday works with individuals, families, professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners to arrange for the holding, management and transfer of property and assets in the most cost-effective and efficient manner, while tailoring the estate plan and structure to the specific needs, desires and circumstances of his clients, such as family relationships, the nature and amount of assets, and taxes.  We work with clients on all aspects of estate, gift, and multi-generational tax planning.

Robert earned an LL.M (Master of Laws) degree in taxation from New York University, universally recognized as the best tax law school in the United States, and he has 30 years experience in developing both simple and sophisticated wealth transfer strategies designed to meet the particular needs and desires of his clients, and integrating those strategies with the personal, business, and tax goals of his clients.  Regardless of the size of an estate, we partner with our clients to understand their needs and goals and design a custom-tailored comprehensive, tax-sensitive estate plan for you to hold and manage your assets and ultimately transfer your assets.  If desired, we can also assist you in formulating a plan to transfer your family wealth in a manner intended to be a constructive influence in the life of each of your beneficiaries and family members.

Estate and Tax Planning Services
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Health Care Powers of Attorney
  • Advanced directives
  • Charitable trusts
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Gift and generation-skipping transfer tax planning
  • Lifetime wealth transfer through qualified personal residence trusts
  • Planned giving
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Post-marital agreements
  • Private foundations
  • Spousal trusts

Privately Held Businesses

Robert Solliday regularly provides counsel to clients who own controlling interests in closely held or family-owned businesses, and regularly advises them on operational issues and succession of the business.  He acts as strategic counsel who gets to know your personal goals as well as your business, so that when he is called upon he will be ready to provide client specific guidance through complex legal issues.

We can also help you in formulating tax saving strategies for the sale or transfer of your business to succeeding generations, or to parties outside of the family, ensuring the financial value and business legacy. We offer a broad range of legal services and work with small to medium sized businesses in virtually every industry.

Privately held business services
  • Purchase and Sale Transactions
  • Leases
  • Loans
  • Supply Agreements
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Service Agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • General counsel

Probate and Trust Administration

When a loved one passes, their Executor or Trustee must handle the transfer of the deceased assets to the intended beneficiaries. This process is accomplished through a court process called probate or, if the decedent's assets were titled in a trust, the assets owned by the trust will typically be distributed to the beneficiaries of the trust without court involvement.

When death occurs, the first goal for Robert Solliday at Solliday Law will be to protect the assets for the surviving spouse and for beneficiaries. Regardless of whether we are dealing with a probate or trust administration, the distribution process generally involves certain phases. These phases include inventorying documents and finances, valuating the assets, redeeming insurance, annuity, and retirement policies, paying expenses and claims, tracking income, paying taxes, and ultimately, distributing assets to the beneficiaries or heirs.