Arizona Real Estate Attorney

Arizona real estate attorneySolliday Law assists business owners and developers in the Phoenix metropolitan area and throughout Arizona with all aspects of real estate transactions, including the acquisition, improvement, and disposition of both improved and unimproved property. Arizona real estate attorney Robert P. Solliday has experience handling real estate matters in neighborhood commercial corners and major city centers alike. He is adept at handling even the most complex real estate transactions, from initial purchase through development, to the eventual sale.

Commercial leases and sales agreements

We assist clients in negotiating, writing, and reviewing commercial leases and sales agreements. A thorough and well-drafted lease or buy-sell agreement is essential to protecting the interests of the parties involved and preventing against future disputes. Robert counsels clients regarding issues that may arise during a lease period, such as the lease term, payment periods, and rent increases; as well as advises commercial landowners regarding such issues as commercial insurance, going dark rights, and hours of operation restrictions.

When assessing commercial properties, we provide clients with a comprehensive analysis that takes into consideration Arizona and Federal taxation and business law issues. If our clients run into zoning or land use problems, Robert helps draft beneficial temporary or permanent use agreements and contracts, as well as write covenants into sales agreements.

Commercial landlord-tenant leases

Robert helps clients create effective landlord-tenant agreements and maintain peaceable landlord-tenant relationships. Prior to entering into a residential or commercial lease agreement, clients regularly seek his advice to ensure compliance with applicable state and municipal codes, and to make sure that their interests are protected. Along with evaluating existing leases, Robert drafts new commercial leases for landlords, and negotiates lease terms on behalf of both landlords and tenants.

Commercial development representation

Solliday Law assists small businesses and developers when they seek to develop, improve, or change the disposition of existing property. Robert uses his considerable expertise in business law and extensive knowledge of the commercial real estate industry to protect his clients as they enter into various construction contracts. When drafting and reviewing construction agreements, Robert works to limit his clients' risk of exposure to litigation; and when disputes arise, he is able to evaluate construction defect claims and represent his clients' interests.

Our experience includes helping developers seeking to transform large lots into single family homes, or sell large lots to home builders. We have handled individual contracts for purchases and sales, as well as contracts regarding improvements to property, such as horizontal grading and infrastructure installment. Robert's extensive tax background gives him the expertise to analyze the unique tax consequences of each project.

Problems can also arise out of past transactions, including issues regarding enforcement of previously agreed upon terms, lien foreclosure, lease enforcement, and other issues. Having experienced representation with respect to such post-transaction issues can be crucial in preserving your rights and interests in real property. In such cases, we work to provide effective solutions to small businesses that minimize disruption to business operations.

Arizona Real Estate Attorney

As a full-service, small business attorney, Robert handles real estate transactions with proficiency from start to finish.

What evidences his legal abilities is that many of Robert's clients are lawyers and business peers who have also achieved the highest level of excellence and ethics in their chosen professions. If you have to select a lawyer, wouldn't you prefer a lawyer that others lawyer and business professionals have chosen to handle their legal matters.

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