Arizona and Federal Tax Attorney

Arizona and Federal Tax AttorneySolliday Law assists individuals and small businesses with taxation issues, including tax analysis of business transactions, and matters involving the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") and the State of Arizona. Arizona and Federal tax attorney Robert P. Solliday earned an LLM (Master of Laws) in taxation from New York University, recognized as one of the best tax law schools in the United States. Now, with over 30 years experience in the field of taxation, Robert regularly advises businesses when they are structuring transactions or dealing with regulatory agencies.

Comprehensive Tax Counsel

As a small business owner, it is imperative to make sure your business complies with all state and federal tax requirements. The Arizona Department of Revenue provides A Guide to Taxes for Arizona Businesses; however, navigating complex tax laws and ensuring that your business is above-board in all of its transactions requires knowledge of both business law and real estate, among other legal issues and classifications. Just a few of the Arizona taxes that may apply to small businesses include the City Privilege Tax, Luxury Tax for both liquor and tobacco, Personal Property Tax, Transaction Privilege Tax, Use Tax, Waste Tire Fee, and Withholding Tax. We can guide you through the tax maze and pinpoint your tax obligations.

When we assist with tax issues, our first step is to gather all of the client's financial information and thoroughly assess the client's concerns as a tax payer. We then diligently research all of the issues involved and determine the most beneficial course of action for the client.

Robert possesses the experience and knowledge to handle contested tax matters before the appropriate agencies. He has represented clients before the IRS, the United States Tax Court, and the Arizona Tax Court. Robert aims to resolve tax controversies through negotiation, which is often less expensive and faster than trial, thus minimizing the impact of tax disputes on business operations and productivity. However, if a conflict cannot be resolved in his client's best interests through negotiation, Robert is an effective litigator in all tax forums.

Many steps can be taken to protect your rights with tax agencies. However, most of these rights are waived if you fail to take immediate and appropriate actions to remedy any tax-related dispute. Whatever your unique circumstances, if the IRS or State of Arizona contacts you, do not ignore them. A delay in response may result in a levy of a bank account or garnishment of wages. The IRS has also been authorized to employ private collection agencies to assist them with collections. Solliday Law can assist you after you have been contacted by a tax agency, and help you determine your best course of action. A number of tax obligations can be resolved through the implementation of an Offer to Compromise, an installment agreement, or a determination of non-collectible status.

Arizona and Federal Tax Attorney

What evidences his legal abilities as an Arizona and Federal tax attorney is that many of Robert's clients are lawyers and business peers who have also achieved the highest level of excellence and ethics in their chosen professions. If you have to select a lawyer, wouldn't you prefer a lawyer that other lawyers and business professionals have chosen to handle their legal matters?

If you or your business needs legal representation in connection with a tax controversy, or if you seek help formulating tax strategies, contact Solliday Law today.