Attorney-Client Scam Alert

Two new scams are making the rounds, this time focusing on attorneys and their clients.

The first scam works through a process called “Caller ID Spoofing.” The client receives a phone call from a caller ID that shows the attorney’s phone number. The caller requests additional funds be paid and directs the client to a toll free number for transfer instructions.

The second scam involves “Spear Phishing” wherein the hacker mimics the real email address of parties to a real estate transaction. These hackers intercept email between parties, lawyers and clients or real estate agents and their clients, in order to steal closing funds. To avoid being scammed, clients should question all emailed instructions to change information and professionals should follow up any emailed instructions with hard copies.

If you ever question the authenticity of a phone call or email from Solliday Law on a real estate transaction or any other legal matter, please call our main line at (602) 559-4800 to confirm.

You can view the full alert from the State Bar of Arizona by clicking the image below.

Attorney scam

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