We will be empathetic to our clients needs.

Engaged and empathetic personAt Solliday Law we provide empathetic solutions that combine industry and individual insight with legal expertise.
We have a genuine commitment to the highest standards of service based on long term, client relationships. Our members committed to providing advice and solutions derived from a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs.
  • We will ask clients about their service preferences before, during, and after each engagement.
  • We will learn and use the names of a client’s staff. We will be courteous and respectful on the phone, through written communication, and in person at all times.
  • We will encourage clients to contact Susan, our Client Liaison Director, if they are less than perfectly satisfied.
  • We will listen more than we talk. We will never give the impression that we are too busy to give a client our complete attention.
  • We will visit with each client as a courtesy at least once a year to ask about client satisfaction and to learn more about their business.
  • We will keep current with developments in our clients' industries. We will keep track of and congratulate clients on their industry successes.
  • We will staff each matter in a way that provides the best value for the service provided.

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