We will be courteous in the office.

Courteous greetingEveryone at Solliday Law meets the criteria for membership, individuals who are energetic, courteous, and of high integrity and professionalism, with a proven track record.

Our members are mindful of our obligations to maintain the highest standards, not only through the work we do, but also in terms of our commitment to our clients as a whole.

  • We will welcome the client to the office, greeting them by name and offering them a beverage.
  • We will be punctual for appointments both in and out of the office so the client isn't kept waiting.
  • If a wait cannot be avoided, we will offer a comfortable waiting area, entertainment (television, print materials, or conversation), access to the internet and telephone, and apologize for any delay.
  • If we are delayed to an outside meeting, we will call to state such delay and to give an updated time of arrival.
  • We will make available items of comfort for visiting clients such as notepads, pens, tissue, and other items for which we receive requests.
  • We will not make negative comments or discuss client or firm business in public places (hallway, elevator, or cafe) where it might be overheard others.
  • We will introduce clients to other attorneys and staff that compose their legal team.
  • We will give clients our undivided attention in meetings; putting other calls and electronic devices on hold, out of site until, and on mute until after the meeting.
  • We will provide the client with an explanation prior to the start of the meeting if we must keep an electronic device out during the meeting. We will mute the sound.
  • We will keep both physical files and electronic files out of view of visiting clients unless it is their file.
  • We will lock our computers when we are away from our desk.
  • When a client sees our office space or our print and electronic materials, the design will convey the message that we care and appreciate their patronage.

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